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National Route 14
Ruta Nacional 14
Route information
Length: 1,127 km (700 mi)
Major junctions
South end: Ceibas (33°29′59.8″S 58°48′2.3″W / 33.499944°S 58.800639°W / -33.499944; -58.800639)
  RN 12 in Ceibas, RN 136 in Gualeguaychú, RP 39 in Concepción del Uruguay, RN 135 in Colón, RN 130 in San José, RN 18 and RN A015 near Concordia, RN 119 and RN 127 at the "paraje Cuatro Bocas", RN 117 near Paso de los Libres, RN 122 near Yapeyú, RN 121 in Santo Tomé, RN 120 near Gobernador Virasoro, RN 105 in San José and RN 101 in Bernardo de Irigoyen
North end: Bernardo de Irigoyen (26°15′17.1″S 53°38′39.2″W / 26.254750°S 53.644222°W / -26.254750; -53.644222)
Highway system
Highways in Argentina

The Ruta Nacional 14 General José Gervasio Artigas (Decree Law 26859/10 jun 2013)is a major road in Argentina. It has its starting point in the small city of Ceibas, in the Entre Ríos province. Route 14 diverges from Ruta Nacional 12, following the río Uruguay coast and ending in the city of Bernardo de Irigoyen, Misiones. It is one of the most transited roads of the country, mainly because of tourists going to Brazil and Uruguay, and because it receives most of the former's trade.

The road is being widened between Gualeguaychú and Paso de los Libres.[1] Almost the entire route is fully paved, except for the Gramado (near San Pedro) and Dos Hermanas stretch, which is due to be paved in February 2011.[2][3] The road's length is 1.127 km.

Lately, this road has gained a bad reputation due to frequent car accidents, being colloquially dubbed "La Ruta de la Muerte"(the death road or route).

This route passes by the El Palmar National Park, which is known for its Yatay Palm trees, whose entrance is 6 km south of Ubajay, in the Entre Ríos province. It also passes by the Parque Provincial Cruce Caballero northeast from the city of San Pedro in the Misiones province.


These are some of the cities with 5000 inhabitants or more that RN 14 passes by:

Entre Ríos Province[edit]

Stretch: 343 km (km 0 to 343)

Corrientes Province[edit]

Stretch: 441 km (km 343 to 784)

Misiones Province[edit]

Stretch: 343 km (km 784 to 1127).

Toll booths and services[edit]



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