National Route 1 (Morocco)

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National Route 1
Road N1 in blue
Major junctions
South endDakhla, Western Sahara
North endTangier
Highway system
Roads of Morocco

National Route 1 (N1) is a national highway of Morocco and Western Sahara. It connects Dakhla in the south of the Western Sahara near the border with Mauritania to Tangier on the northwest coast of Morocco.[1] It is an important highway running along the western Atlantic coast of the country. It passes through Rabat, Larache and other important cities and for a substantial part of the Rabat-Tangier leg runs parallel with the A1 Rabat–Tangier expressway. It is the longest national motorway in the country.

Between Tan-Tan and Tarfaya, the route runs through Khenifiss National Park.

National Route 1 is a part of a major transport corridor which runs from Morocco via Western Sahara and Mauritania to Dakar in Senegal.