National Route A004 (Argentina)

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National Route A004
Ruta Nacional A004
Route information
Length: 8 km (5 mi)
Major junctions
NE end: Hudson
SW end: Juan María Gutiérrez
Highway system
Highways in Argentina

National Route A004 is a four-lane highway connecting National Route 1 (Buenos Aires-La Plata highway) at km marker 31 with the Juan María Gutiérrez circle in Greater Buenos Aires. The road extends for 8 km (5 mi) (numbered kn 31 to 30), all within the limits of Berazategui Partido in Buenos Aires Province, Argentina.

This road is the obligatory route for the vacation destinations of Mar del Plata and other cities along the coast of Buenos Aires Province as it connects with Autovía 2, so it has high volumes of traffic during the summer months and Easter.

National Route A004, south of Buenos Aires.

The highway runs (northeast to southwest) through the towns of Guillermo Enrique Hudson and Juan María Gutiérrez and was built over the old Gutiérrez - Hudson and Valentín Vergara avenues. The latter one was the border of the partidos of Berazategui and Florencio Varela.[1]

The road was opened to the public on 17 November 1995, starting at the souythern end at the Juan María Gutiérrez circle. Many important roads connected at this circle, including Provincial Route 36 to the north and south, Provincial Route 1, and this highway. This dangerous bottleneck required a bridge to be built over the circle so traffic coming from the Buenos Aires - La Plata highway could continue to the coast without reducing speed. This bridge was opened in 1996.


The construction company that built it has the concession of the road until 30 June 2017.[2]


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