National Routes of Uruguay

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The National Routes of Uruguay (officially in Spanish, Rutas nacionales de Uruguay) are the most important transport routes in the country, linking all locations. It has a network of 8,698 km of which 303 km are with concrete, asphalt 3,164 km, 4,220 km bituminous and 1,009 km rough.

Route numbers[edit]

Signal Itinerary
RIB-UY.svg Gral. Líber Seregni Carrasco International Airport (in Montevideo suburbs)-Punta del Este (90 km)
R1-UY.svg Brigadier Gral. Manuel Oribe Montevideo-Colonia del Sacramento (177 km)
R2-UY.svg Grito de Asencio Rosario-Fray Bentos (181 km)
R3-UY.svg Gral. José Artigas Route 1 (km 68)-Bella Unión, Artigas Department (587 km)
R4-UY.svg Andrés Artigas Artigas-Route 31-Salto
R5-UY.svg Brigadier Gral. Fructuoso Rivera Montevideo-Rivera (506 km)
R6-UY.svg Joaquín Suárez Montevideo-Paso de Frontera (338 km)
R7-UY.svg Gral. Aparicio Saravia
R8-UY.svg Brigadier Gral. Antonio Lavalleja Montevideo-Aceguá
R9-UY.svg Gral. Leonardo Olivera Route 8 (near Soca)-Chuy
R10-UY.svg Juan Díaz de Solís Seaside resorts of the Maldonado and Rocha Departments
R11-UY.svg Ing. Eladio Dieste Ecilda Paullier-Atlántida (160 km)
R12-UY.svg Luis Alberto de Herrera
R13-UY.svg Bartolomé Hidalgo
R14-UY.svg Brigadier Gral. Fructuoso Rivera
R18-UY.svg Ricardo Ferrés
R19-UY.svg Cnel. Lorenzo Latorre
R21-UY.svg Treinta y Tres Orientales Colonia del Sacramento-Mercedes (177 km)
R26-UY.svg Brigadier Gral. Leandro Gómez
R27-UY.svg Mario Heber
R28-UY.svg Cnel. Andrés Latorre
R30-UY.svg Brigadier Gral. Eugenio Garzón The main route of the Artigas Department (260 km)
R31-UY.svg Cnel. Gorgonio Aguiar
R39-UY.svg Domingo Burgueño Miguel
R44-UY.svg Cnel. Fernando Otorgués
R56-UY.svg Cnel. Bernabé Rivera
R60-UY.svg Cnel. Manuel Francisco Artigas
R101-UY.svg Cap. Juan Antonio Artigas
R102-UY.svg Wilson Ferreira Aldunate

Types of routes[edit]

The Ministry of Transport and Public Works classifies Uruguayan Routes as Corredor Internacional, Primary Network (Red Primaria), Secondary Network (Red Secundaria) and Tertiary Network (Red Terciaria).

Corredor Internacional[edit]

Pathways linking Montevideo with the main points of departure from Uruguay.

Primary network[edit]

Pathways linking other department capitals.

Secondary and tertiary networks[edit]

Minor roads linking towns, some resorts or important agribusiness areas.

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