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National Scenic Trail is a designation for protected areas in the United States that consist of trails of particular natural beauty.

National Scenic Trails were authorized under the National Trails System Act of 1968 (Public Law 90-543) along with National Historic Trails and National Recreation Trails. National Scenic Trails and National Historic Trails may only be designated by an act of Congress.

List of National Scenic Trails[edit]

Trail Name Year Established Length Authorized (miles)
North Country National Scenic Trail 1980 4,600
Continental Divide National Scenic Trail 1978 3,100
Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail 1968 2,650[1]
Appalachian National Scenic Trail 1968 2,181[2]
Florida National Scenic Trail 1983 1,300
Ice Age National Scenic Trail 1980 1,200
Pacific Northwest National Scenic Trail 2009 1,200
Arizona National Scenic Trail 2009 807
Potomac Heritage National Scenic Trail 1983 700
Natchez Trace National Scenic Trail 1983 695
New England National Scenic Trail 2009 220
Total: 18,734

Proposed National Scenic Trails[edit]

Trail Name Proposed Length (miles)
Great Plains Trail[3] 2,200

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Further reading[edit]

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