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Coordinates: 56°50′31″N 15°44′45″E / 56.84203°N 15.74594°E / 56.84203; 15.74594 The National School of Glass in Orrefors (Swedish: Riksglasskolan) is an educational center focused on glass arts, design and entrepreneurship in the field of glass. It is located next to the world-renowned Orrefors Glassworks in the village with the same name, at the center of what is known as the Kingdom of Crystal in Småland in Southern Sweden.

While primarily focused on Swedish and Nordic students, the school also welcomes international students to its programs.


For more than a century, glass has been produced in the Kingdom of Crystal. Up until the 1950s, the budding glass workers were trained by the masters in the midst of regular production. They were allowed to practise, fail and practise again, finally to succeed.

Around 1960 Orrefors glassworks started a formalized glass education. The glass-related, practical parts were taught in the factory by special personnel while the theoretical subjects were taught one day a week at Nybro Vocational school.

In 1969, the municipality of Nybro took over all responsibility for the school of glass. Until 1979, the school of glass was housed in the buildings of the Orrefors glassworks. In the fall of 1979, the municipality of Nybro inaugurated the new architect-designed premises of the National School of Glass near the Orrefors Glassworks. The Student's Home is a former glass workers' house near the school, offering living in a genuine glass craft environment.

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