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The National Security Council (NSC) of Georgia is an advisory body for the President of Georgia dealing with matters of national security. The current Secretary of the National Security Council of Georgia is Davit Rakviashvili.

Legal authority[edit]

Chapter Seven (State Defense), Article 99 of the Georgian Constitution gives authority for the creation of a "Council of National Security" led by the President "with the view of organising the military construction and defense of the country". Article 98 states that the strength of Georgian Armed Forces "shall be approved by the Parliament...upon the submission of the Council of National Security".[1]

The Law of Georgia On the National Security Council, signed by President Eduard Shevardnadze on January 24, 1996, details the NSC's status:

The National Security Council is an advisory body of the President of Georgia for decision-making on strategic questions of the organisation of military construction and defence, international and foreign policy related to the security of the country, maintenance of stability, law and order.

It spells out 23 powers exercised by the NSC, its structure, the role of the Secretary of the NSC, its basic function, NSC interdepartmental commissions, and the NSC apparatus.[2]


According to the 1996 law, NSC members include the Ministers of State, Foreign Affairs, Defense, State Security, Internal Affairs, and the Secretary of the NSC. The President serves as the Chairman of the Council, and the Chairman of Parliament and Chairmen of the Supreme Representative Bodies of Abkhazia and Ajara Autonomous Republics, though not members, are to participate in NSC activities.[2]

After the Rose Revolution in Georgia, a number of Soros employees found themselves in power. Former Secretary of the NSC Alexander Lomaia went from running Soros' Open Society Institute Georgia Foundation to being Minister of Education and Science. Later, he became Secretary of the NSC.[3]

Secretary of the National Security Council[edit]

The NSC Secretary is granted a number of powers, including general organizational, coordination, and management duties related to the functioning of the NSC and the NSC Apparatus. The Secretary also serves in the role of Assistant to the President of Georgia "on questions of national security".[2]

List of secretaries of the National Security Council[edit]


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