National Senior Classical League

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National Senior Classical League
AbbreviationNational SCL, NSCL
TypeEducational, service
Legal statusNon-profit
PurposeClassical studies
Amanda Roessler
Raees Kamboj
Joly Lo
Noah Abuhajir
Wali Khan
Maxine Mandt
Kara Schwantz
Kyle McGimsey
Parent organization
American Classical League
AffiliationsNational Junior Classical League

The National Senior Classical League (National SCL or NSCL) is an organization – mostly of college students – which promotes the study, appreciation and advancement of the Classics. It is the college-level affiliate of the National Junior Classical League (NJCL), and both organizations are sponsored by the American Classical League (ACL). Many graduates of NJCL go on to be members in NSCL; high school seniors on the cusp are known as "Slashers" – a reference to their status as "JCL/SCL" members. The organization also awards an annual scholarship to a Classics major, in hopes of producing capable Classics teachers for the future.

Every year, members of the NSCL attend the NJCL convention to assist with and oversee some parts of convention.[3] The group's main contributions during the week are the administration of the Olympika sporting events; the daily publication of the Convention Ear, a humorous newsletter; and the production of "That's Entertainment", a talent show for JCL members, hosted and featuring skits by SCL members. While SCL members may attend the JCL General Assembly meetings, the SCL also holds separate meetings and elects officers during the week. These meetings are open to slashers as well.


According to the NSCL Constitution, the objectives of the organization are as follows:[4]

  • To enhance and promote the appreciation of the classics and classical scholarship in postsecondary education
  • To advise, encourage, and help the Junior Classical League.

Creed and Song[edit]

NSCL Creed[5]
We, the members of the Senior Classical League, covenant to hand on the torch of classical civilization in the modern world. We believe an acquaintance with the civilization of Greece and Rome will help us understand and appraise this world of today, which is indebted to ancient civilization in its government and laws, literature, language and arts.

We affirm the SCL experience develops responsibility, fosters brotherhood, promotes enthusiasm, encourages competition, inspires dedication and enriches our total growth.

NSCL Song[6]
Seeking the best, the highest our goal,
working for greatness through glories of old,
searching the realms of the golden past,
we follow the classics' truths that last.

In knowledge, truth, and fellowship,
we're growing every day;
the iron fist of SCL aids in every way.

In Rome's proud steps we're marching on
with every true colleague,
and forever we'll hold
to the Purple and Gold
of the Senior Classical League.


Listed below are the current NSCL Officers (as of April 2, 2023).[7]

Office Officer
President Amanda Roessler
Vice-President Raees Kamboj
Secretary Joly Lo
Treasurer Noah Abuhajir
Parliamentarian Wali Khan
Editor Maxine Mandt
Historian Kara Schwantz
Advisor Kyle McGimsey

State chapters[edit]

As of 2020, current State Chapters of the NSCL:[8]

  • Alabama SCL
  • California SCL
  • Florida SCL[9]
  • Georgia SCL[10]
  • Illinois SCL
  • Indiana SCL
  • Kentucky SCL[10]
  • Louisiana SCL
  • Maine SCL
  • Maryland SCL[11]
  • Massachusetts SCL[10]
  • Ohio SCL[12]
  • Oklahoma SCL
  • Ontario SCL
  • Pennsylvania SCL
  • Texas SCL
  • Virginia SCL[10]
  • Wisconsin SCL[10]

See also[edit]

  • Eta Sigma Phi - collegiate honor society/co-ed fraternity for Latin, Greek, and Classics majors


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