National Service Medal (Norway)

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Forsvarets vernedyktighetsmedalje
Army version National Service Medal
TypeSingle-grade medal
Awarded forCompletion of mandatory military service.
Presented bythe Norwegian Defence Force
EligibilityPersonnel who have completed mandatory military service.
StatusStill awarded
Next (higher)Medal for Defence Operations Abroad[1]
National Service Medal for service in the Air Force, Home Guard, Navy and Army

The Norwegian National Service Medal is awarded upon completion of mandatory military service (usually one year, six months for the Home Guard). The medal exists in four versions, one for each branch of service (army, air force, navy and home guard).

The front of the medal shows the crest of the service branch, and the reverse has the name of the branch and the armed forces motto "for fred og frihet" (bm) or "for fred og fridom"(nn) ("for peace and freedom").

National Service Medal ribbons
Air Force Home Guard Navy Army
Air Force ribbon
Air Force ribbon
National Guard ribbon
National Guard ribbon
Navy ribbon
Navy ribbon
Army ribbon
Army ribbon

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