1989 National Society of Film Critics Awards

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24th NSFC Awards

January 8, 1990

Best Film:
Drugstore Cowboy

The 24th National Society of Film Critics Awards, given on 8 January 1990, honored the best filmmaking of 1989.[1][2][3]


Best Picture[edit]

1. Drugstore Cowboy
2. Enemies, a Love Story
3. Casualties of War

Best Director[edit]

1. Gus Van SantDrugstore Cowboy
2. Paul MazurskyEnemies, a Love Story
3. Spike LeeDo the Right Thing

Best Actor[edit]

1. Daniel Day-LewisMy Left Foot
2. Morgan FreemanDriving Miss Daisy
3. Tom CruiseBorn on the Fourth of July

Best Actress[edit]

1. Michelle PfeifferThe Fabulous Baker Boys
2. Jessica TandyDriving Miss Daisy
3. Andie MacDowellSex, Lies, and Videotape

Best Supporting Actor[edit]

1. Beau BridgesThe Fabulous Baker Boys
2. Denzel WashingtonGlory

Best Supporting Actress[edit]

1. Anjelica HustonEnemies, a Love Story
2. Lena OlinEnemies, a Love Story
3. Brenda FrickerMy Left Foot

Best Screenplay[edit]

1. Gus Van Sant and Daniel Yost – Drugstore Cowboy
2. Steven SoderberghSex, Lies, and Videotape
3. Steve KlovesThe Fabulous Baker Boys

Best Cinematography[edit]

Best Documentary[edit]


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