1990 National Society of Film Critics Awards

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25th NSFC Awards

January 6, 1991

Best Film:

The 25th National Society of Film Critics Awards, given on 6 January 1991, honored the best filmmaking of 1990.


Best Picture[edit]

1. Goodfellas
2. The Grifters
3. Reversal of Fortune
4. Sweetie

Best Director[edit]

1. Martin ScorseseGoodfellas
2. Stephen FrearsThe Grifters
3. Jane CampionSweetie

Best Actor[edit]

1. Jeremy IronsReversal of Fortune
2. Danny GloverTo Sleep with Anger
3. Robert De NiroGoodfellas and Awakenings

Best Actress[edit]

1. Anjelica HustonThe Grifters and The Witches
2. Joanne WoodwardMr. & Mrs. Bridge
3. Jessica LangeMen Don't Leave
3. Debra WingerThe Sheltering Sky and Everybody Wins

Best Supporting Actor[edit]

1. Bruce DavisonLongtime Companion
2. Joe PesciGoodfellas
3. Al PacinoDick Tracy
3. John TurturroMiller's Crossing

Best Supporting Actress[edit]

1. Annette BeningThe Grifters
2. Uma ThurmanHenry & June and Where the Heart Is
3. Dianne WiestEdward Scissorhands

Best Screenplay[edit]

1. Charles BurnettTo Sleep with Anger
2. Tom StoppardThe Russia House
3. Donald E. WestlakeThe Grifters

Best Cinematography[edit]

1. Peter SuschitzkyWhere the Heart Is
2. Ian Baker – The Russia House
3. Philippe RousselotHenry & June

Best Foreign Language Film[edit]

1. Ariel
2. Life and Nothing But (La vie et rien d'autre)
3. May Fools (Milou en mai)

Best Documentary[edit]

1. Berkeley in the Sixties
2. For All Mankind
3. The Big Bang [1]

Special Citation[edit]

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