1998 National Society of Film Critics Awards

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33rd NSFC Awards

January 3, 1999

Best Film:
Out of Sight

The 33rd National Society of Film Critics Awards, given on 3 January 1999, honored the best filmmaking of 1998.


Best Picture[edit]

1. Out of Sight
2. Affliction
3. Saving Private Ryan

Best Director[edit]

1. Steven SoderberghOut of Sight
2. Terrence MalickThe Thin Red Line
2. Steven SpielbergSaving Private Ryan

Best Actor[edit]

1. Nick NolteAffliction
2. Ian McKellenGods and Monsters
3. Brendan GleesonThe General and I Went Down

Best Actress[edit]

1. Ally SheedyHigh Art
2. Cate BlanchettElizabeth
3. Fernanda MontenegroCentral Station (Central do Brasil)

Best Supporting Actor[edit]

1. Bill MurrayRushmore
2. Donald SutherlandWithout Limits
3. Billy Bob ThorntonA Simple Plan

Best Supporting Actress[edit]

1. Judi DenchShakespeare in Love
2. Patricia ClarksonHigh Art
3. Lisa KudrowThe Opposite of Sex

Best Screenplay[edit]

1. Scott FrankOut of Sight
2. Marc Norman and Tom StoppardShakespeare in Love
3. Wes Anderson and Owen WilsonRushmore

Best Cinematography[edit]

1. John TollThe Thin Red Line
2. Janusz KamińskiSaving Private Ryan
3. Seamus Deasy – The General

Best Foreign Language Film[edit]

1. Taste of Cherry (Ta'm e guilass)
2. Fireworks (Hana-bi)
3. The Celebration (Festen)

Best Non-Fiction Film[edit]

1. The Farm: Angola, USA
2. Public Housing
3. Little Dieter Needs to Fly

Experimental Film[edit]

Special Citation[edit]

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