National Stadium (East Timor)

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National Stadium of East Timor
Timor Leste Nacional Stadion.jpg
Full name National Stadium of East Timor
Location Dili, East Timor East Timor
Owner Federação de Futebol de Timor-Leste
Operator Federação de Futebol de Timor-Leste
Capacity 13,000
Surface Grass
Renovated 1980
Expanded 2010
Timor Leste national football team

National Stadium is a multi-purpose stadium in Dili, East Timor. It is used mostly for association football matches. The stadium holds 5,000. In 2002 The Dili stadium hosted Kylie Minogue and John Farnham as a reward for the Australians Serving in assisting towards independence. Until recently the stadium has been neglected in Dili and in 2006 housed thousands of East Timorese fleeing violence on the streets. Dili stadium in 2011 was renovated, this included changes to the pitch as well as the seating.

Soccer game between East Timor's Under-Seventeen National team and U.S. Navy

Dili Stadium is today home to the finals of the Taca Digicel and Super Liga Timorense. In 2005 Dili stadium also hosted world-renowned soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo. In 2010 Dili stadium held the Timor Sea cup. Dili Stadium is also hoping to host the next Timor cup.

A tournament held between East Timorese national teams, a UN Police team and Australian and New Zealand combined teams was conducted in May 2007.

Playing football in East Timor is difficult because temperatures can reach 40 degrees Celsius and the pitch at the stadium is rock solid, with dry grass on it and patches where it is just pure stones.

On 12 March 2015 the stadium hosted the first international home match of Timor-Leste national football team in the first round 2018 FIFA World Cup qualification against Mongolia with result Timor win 4-1.[1]

Major Football Matches[edit]


Coordinates: 8°33′28.6″S 125°34′50.2″E / 8.557944°S 125.580611°E / -8.557944; 125.580611