National Stadium (Kaohsiung)

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National Stadium
WorkdGame2009 Stadium completed.jpg
Location Zuoying, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
 Republic of China
Capacity 55,000
Surface Grass
Opened May 2009
Architect Toyo Ito
Chinese Taipei national football team
National Stadium
Chinese 國家體育場
Alternative Chinese name
Chinese 龍騰體育場

The National Stadium (official name) (Chinese: 國家體育場; pinyin: Guójiā Tǐyùchǎng; also named 龍騰體育場), formerly known as the World Games Stadium, is a multi-purpose stadium in Zuoying District, Kaohsiung, Taiwan. It is currently the largest stadium in Taiwan in terms of capacity.

Completed in 2009, it is used mostly for football matches and it hosted the main events for the 2009 World Games. The stadium has a capacity of 55,000 people. Since the conclusion of the games, the stadium has been used for some Taiwanese football team matches.[needs update]

The stadium, designed by Japanese architect Toyo Ito, makes use of solar energy to provide its power needs.[1] The stadium's semi spiral-shaped, like a dragon, is the first stadium in the world to provide power using solar power technology. The solar panels covering the vast external face of the stadium are able to generate most of the power required for its own operation, as well as additional power that can be saved.


The stadium is accessible within walking distance West from World Games Station of the Kaohsiung MRT.

Major Football Matches[edit]

Notable Events[edit]


Date Performer(s) Opening act(s) Tour/Event Attendance Notes
December 5, 2009 Mayday N/A DNA World Tour 55,555 This show is the first concert that be held in the stadium.
January 30, 2010 Rain The Legend of Rainism Asia Tour The first international male artist concert in the stadium.
December 8, 2012 A-mei N/A AmeiZing World Tour Live 100,000
December 9, 2012
December 21, 2012 Mayday Ann Nowhere World Tour 200,000
December 22, 2012
December 30, 2012 Jia Jia
December 31, 2012 Ann
December 31, 2013 N/A Just Rock It World Tour 110,000
January 1, 2014 Magic Power
December 31, 2014 N/A Light Up The Hope 150,000
January 2, 2015 Magic Power
January 3, 2015 Ann
August 13, 2016 N/A Just Rock It World Tour 110,000
August 14, 2016
March 18, 2017 Jia Jia Life World Tour 220,000 The first stop of the brand new Mayday world tour.
March 19, 2017 GBOYSWAG
March 20, 2017
March 21, 2017 Jia Jia


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