Hellenic Statistical Authority

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Hellenic Statistical Authority
Ελληνική Στατιστική Αρχή
ELSTAT logo.png
Agency overview
Formed 22 July 2010 (2010-07-22)
Superseding agency National Statistical Service of Greece
Type Autonomous authority
Headquarters Piraeus, Greece
Employees 791 (2013)[1]
Annual budget 29.3 m Euro (2013)
Agency executive Andreas V. Georgiou, President
Website statistics.gr

The Hellenic Statistical Authority (Greek: Ελληνική Στατιστική Αρχή, IPA: [eliniˈci statistiˈci arˈçi]), mostly known by its acronym ELSTAT (Greek: ΕΛ.ΣΤΑΤ.), is the national statistical service of Greece. Since 2010, it exists as an autonomous legal entity under public law, independent from the Greek government and subject only to the control of the Hellenic Parliament.

Prior to 2010, ELSTAT was a non-autonomous service of the Greek state known as the National Statistical Service of Greece (Greek: Εθνική Στατιστική Υπηρεσία).[2]

Data provided[edit]

The primary user of the Hellenic Statistical Authority is the Greek state. However, the Authority is also used by international organizations such as the European Commission (Eurostat) and others.[3][2]

The Hellenic Statistical Authority collects data which concern population, employment and unemployment, tourism and the economy, industry, as well as data concerning health and social insurance, education and others.[3] Prior to becoming an independent authority, ELSTAT was involved in a number of scandals involving false statistics regarding the condition of the Greek economy in recent years.[4]

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