National Students' Union of India

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National Students' Union of India
Abbreviation NSUI
Formation April 9, 1971
Type Student Organisation
Headquarters India
National President
Roji M. John
Vice President

Bharat Kumar, Amrita Dhawan, Kumar Chach

a, Mohit Sharma
General Secretary
Shahnawaz Shaikh, Gobind Khatra, Gulab Sinh Rajput, Nigam Bhandari, Bhushan Penchalwar, Maheshmurti Leni Tai chachi
Website NSUI

The National Students' Union of India (NSUI) is the student wing of the Indian National Congress party, formed on 9 April 1971.


In order to become the member of NSUI, one must be under 27 years of age, must be a student, must be a citizen of India, must not be part of any other political organisation and must not have been convicted of any criminal activity in past. [1]

National Presidents of the NSUI[edit]

Name Term
P R Kumaramangalam 1971–74
G. Mohan Gopal 1974–76
Geetanjali Maken 1976–77
K.K. Sharma 1977–81
Subhash Chowdhary 1981–82
Ramesh Chenithala 1982–84
Mukul Wasnik 1984–86
Manish Tewari 1986–93
Saleem Ahmad 1993–97
Alka Lamba 1997–99
Meenakshi Natarajan 1999–2003
Meenu Sharma 2003–05
Nadeem Javed 2005–08
Hibi Eden 2008–2012
Rohit Chaudhary 2012–2014
Roji John 2014–Present


In 2013, the NSUI had several run-ins with police. In November, two members of the NSUI were injured by police as they attempted to submit a memorandum to the district magistrate.[2] In late November, the NSUI filed a complain with the police against Madhu Kishwar, a writer who outed a journalist that had been allegedly sexually assaulted by Tarun Tejpal.[3]

In December 2013, the NSUI locked the cafeteria of Kashmir University, after NSUI members argued with a waiter and cafeteria staff.[4]

On 23 June 2011, NSUI members attacked and seriously injured the vice-chancellor of Gujarat Technological University.[5] On 8 January 2013, several NSUI members hurled stoned at the RSS office in Rambagh area in Indore resulting into police arresting 7 of NSUI members.[6]

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