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Miss National Sweetheart is a United States beauty pageant created in 1941 where runners-up from the Miss America state pageants are invited to Hoopeston, Illinois to compete for the title of Miss National Sweetheart.

The event, which has no official ties to the Miss America Organization, is sponsored by the Hoopeston Jaycees and is held on Labor Day weekend in conjunction with the town's revered annual Sweetcorn Festival.[1] Most contestants placed first runner-up in their state pageant, however second and other runners-up are invited if the first runner-up chooses not to attend.[2] The winner of the Miss National Sweetheart title receives a $1,200 scholarship and a pendant shaped like an ear of corn.[2]

Winning this title does not guarantee that a contestant will win a Miss America state title, but since 1980, five Miss National Sweetheart winners have gone on to win both their state and the Miss America title.[2] A few have won state titles in different states from those they represented at Miss National Sweetheart.


Year Name State Later Miss America state title Placement at Miss America Notes
2016 Victoria Humphrey Florida As of 2016, the Miss America Organization has disassociated itself with the National Sweetheart Pageant.
2015 Kylee Solberg Idaho Miss Idaho 2016
2014 Kalie Wright Idaho Miss Idaho 2015
2013 Jordan Krinke California Later Top 10 at Miss California 2014, 3rd Runner-Up to Miss California 2013; Previously Miss California's Outstanding Teen 2007
2012 Desiree Williams Virginia Miss Virginia 2013 Later Miss Virginia USA 2016, Top 10 at Miss USA 2016
2011 Simone Mullinax[3] Arkansas
2010 Brittany Hagan[4] Indiana
2009 Shannon Beam Virginia
2008 Rachelle Gurule Arizona
2007 Erica Gelhaus Ohio Miss Ohio 2009
2006 Kelley Bradshaw[5] Georgia
2005 Adrielle Lynn Churchill Arkansas Later Miss Arkansas USA 2010, Top 15 at Miss USA 2010
2004 Monica Li-Pinn Pang Georgia Miss Georgia 2005 1st Runner-Up
2003 Kandice Pelletier Georgia Miss New York 2005 The Amazing Race 10 and All-Stars Contestant
2002 Madonna Kimberly Emond Michigan Miss Michigan 2003 Top 15
2001 Melissa Elise Clark Louisiana Miss Louisiana 2003
2000 MacKenzie Mayes Kentucky Miss Kentucky 2003
1999 Andrea Lee Bailey Georgia Miss Georgia 2003 Top 15
1998 Keri Lynn Shrader Florida Miss Maryland 1999 3rd Runner-Up
1997 Chera-Lyn Cook Kentucky Miss Kentucky 1998 4th Runner-Up
1996 Stacey Momeyer Arizona Miss Arizona 1997 3rd Runner-Up
1995 Tara Dawn Holland Florida Miss Kansas 1996 Winner
1994 Heather Rae Geery Oklahoma
1993 Megan Welch Florida Miss Florida 1994 Top 10
1992 Elizabeth Simmons Oregon Miss Oregon 1993 3rd Runner-Up
1991 Leanza Cornett Florida Miss Florida 1992 Winner
1990 Carolyn Suzanne Sapp Hawaii Miss Hawaii 1991 Winner
1989 Mairead O'Connor Connecticut
1988 Debbye Turner Arkansas Miss Missouri 1989 Winner
1987 Melissa Aggeles Florida Miss Florida 1988 Top 10
1986 Carole Lynn Lawson Arkansas Miss Arkansas 1987
1985 Catherine Breslin Illinois
1984 Judy Anderson Arizona
1983 Margaret Marie O'Brien Massachusetts Miss Massachusetts 1984 Top 10
1982 Holly Mayer Massachusetts Miss Massachusetts 1983 Mother of Miss New York's Outstanding Teen 2011, Lauren Molella; Sister-in-law of Miss New York 1989, Lisa Molella[6]
1981 Gloria Gilbert Texas Miss Texas 1982
1980 Elizabeth Grace Ward Arkansas Miss Arkansas 1981 Winner
1979 Bobbie Candler Texas Miss Louisiana 1982
1978 Michelle Whitson Kansas Miss Kansas 1979 2nd Runner-Up
1977 Carolyn Jones Kentucky 1st Runner-Up at Miss Kentucky three times, in 1976, 1977 and 1978.
1976 Guylyn Remmenga Nebraska Miss Nebraska 1978 Top 10
1975 Carlene McGinnis Georgia
1974 Linda Hodges Georgia
1973 Rebecca Bloomer Texas
1972 Jacqueline Barrett Texas
1971 Constance (Connie) Susan Hays Wisconsin
1970 Linda Brownfield Kentucky
1969 Mary Lee Nordby North Dakota
1968 Diana Barker Kentucky
1967 Sidney Becker Utah
1966 Vicki Lynn Hurd Tennessee Miss Tennessee 1966 2nd Runner-Up
1965 Diana Bateman Washington Later Miss Washington USA 1967
1964 Judy Duncan Ohio
1963 Colleen Thacker Washington
1962 Linda Kay Rogers Texas
1961 Nancy McCelvey Texas
1960 Marjorie Koehler Illinois
1959 Rita Wilson Tennessee Miss Tennessee 1961
1958 Janice Hansen Iowa
1957 Irene Meyer Ohio
1956 Joyce Riding Iowa
1955 Kerin Kae Okerlin Iowa
1954 Joyce Brown Illinois
1953 Sandra Porter Indiana
1952 Corine Javaag Minnesota
1951 Patricia Baker Wisconsin
1950 Janet Rainier Indiana
1949 Joyce Cisco Wisconsin
1948 Joan Edwards Wisconsin
1941 Alice Priscilla Baker Wisconsin


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