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National Taiwan University Hospital
National Taiwan University Hospital Taipei.jpg
LocationZhongzheng, Taipei, Taiwan
Hospital typeHospital
The older wing of the National Taiwan University Hospital dates to 1912.

The National Taiwan University Hospital (NTUH; Chinese: 國立台灣大學醫學院附設醫院; pinyin: Guólì Táiwān Dàxué Yīxuéyuàn Fùshè Yīyuàn) started operations under Japanese rule in Daitōtei (today's Dadaocheng) on 18 June 1895, and moved to its present location in 1898. The Hospital was later annexed to the Medical School of Taihoku Imperial University and renamed Taihoku Imperial University Medical School Affiliated Hospital in 1937. The present name was adopted after the Republic of China took over the hospital upon Taiwan's retrocession in 1945.

On 19 October 1991, the completion of a large new building complex on the so-called East Site marked another milestone in the history of the NTUH. Today, the (new) East and (old) West Sites together have more than 4,000 employees, serving 2,000 inpatients and 8,000 outpatients daily. The hospital remains the best-known and most highly renowned medical center in Taiwan.

The hospital is a world-renowned medical center for liver diseases. Advanced surgical, angiographical, and endoscopic procedures are routinely performed.

Heart Transplant Division[edit]

The NTUH Heart Transplant is a staple part of National Taiwan University Hospital. It has performed numerous successful heart transplants since the founding of the hospital in 1895.

Despite its relatively young start, the Heart Transplant Division performed its first successful heart transplantation in 1986. Not only was it the first heart transplant in NTUH, but it was also, more importantly, the first heart transplant in all of Taiwan. Since then, it has expanded rapidly. In 1991, NTUH performed their first domino heart transplant. Later in 1995, NTUH was the first in all of Asia to implant biventricular-assist devices which were then bridged successfully into a heart transplant. Since these advances in the heart transplant field, NTUH has become world-renowned for heart transplant and research.


The hospital is accessible within walking distance East from NTU Hospital Station of the Taipei Metro.

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