National Technological University – La Plata Regional Faculty

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The National Technological University – La Plata Regional Faculty (Castilian: Universidad Tecnológica Nacional - Facultad Regional La Plata (UTN-FRLP)) (The UTN of La Plata, Argentina) is a university in Argentina. The university is housed in an 11,000 square meter building. Over 2,000 students have graduated from the University since its creation. The school specializes in the technology field and offers seven undergraduate concentrations and five graduate concentrations.

Coordinates: 34°54′17.17″S 57°55′33.11″W / 34.9047694°S 57.9258639°W / -34.9047694; -57.9258639



  • Engineering:
    • Civil Engineering.
    • Electrical Engineering.
    • Industrial Engineering.
    • Mechanic Engineering
    • Naval Engineering.
    • Chemical Engineering.
    • Information Systems Engineering.

Postgraduate Degrees[edit]

  • Magisters:
    • Magister in Ambiental Engineering.
    • Magister in Food Technology
  • Specializations:
    • Specialization in Work Hygiene and Safety.
    • Laboural Engineering.
    • Specialization in Food Technology.


UTN is one of the 24 regional faculties of the Universidad Tecnológica Nacional of Argentina and it was created September 24, 1954. In the beginning it occupied the Mary O'Graham buildings, and later the building of the Colegio Nacional.

On October 1, 1961, the national government signed the "(Nº9035)" decree, which designated an official place/location for the University. This decree stated that the University was to be located on the corner of 60th avenue and 124th street, in the city of La Plata. But it was not until 1966 that the building was inaugurated with help from the government of the "Provincia de Buenos Aires."