National Trust Party (Iran)

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National Trust Party
حزب اعتماد ملی
Leader Mehdi Karroubi
Founded 2005
Headquarters Tehran, Iran
Newspaper Etemad-e Melli
Ideology Reformism[citation needed]
Populism[citation needed]
National affiliation Reform Movement
International affiliation None

National Trust Party (Persian: حزب اعتماد ملی‎‎), also translated as National Confidence Party, is an Iranian political party based on reformist and populist message.[1] NTP was established in 2005 by former Parliament speaker Mehdi Karroubi following his controversial defeat in 2005 presidential election. The party also publishes a newspaper of the same name (Etemad-e Melli), which was banned by the Iranian judiciary on August 16, 2009 after the newspaper reported Karroubi's claims that some election protesters were raped while in custody. [2]


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