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National Unity Association

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National Unity Association
Σύνδεσμος Εθνικής Ενότητας
LeaderAnargyros Saripapas
IdeologyGreek nationalism
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The National Unity Association (Greek: Σύνδεσμος Εθνικής Ενότητας, romanizedSýndesmos Ethnikís Enótitas) is a Greek political party, founded by retired officers of the Hellenic Armed Forces. The president of the party is Anargyros Saripapas. Its ideology is social and romantic patriotism. It first participated in the May 2012 Greek legislative election.

Electoral results

Results, 2012
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Year Type of Election Votes % Mandates
May 2012 Parliament 38,286 0.61 0
May 2014 European Parliament 17,123 0.30 0