National Unity Party (Albania)

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National Unity Party
Leader Idajet Beqiri
Founded 1991
Merged into Parties of the Social Spectrum of Albania - National Unity Party
Ideology Albanian nationalism
Political position Far-right

The National Unity Party (in Albanian: Partia e Unitetit Kombëtar) is a political party in Albania. It was founded in March 1991.[1] It is a ultra-nationalist party[2] and supports for pan-Albanian confederation.[1] Ahead of the 2005 parliamentary elections, PUK formed a coalition together with three other parties grouped in the "Parties of the Social Spectrum of Albania". The coalition contested the elections as Parties of the Social Spectrum of Albania - National Unity Party (PSSSH-PUK). PSSSH-PUK failed to win any seats.

The party is led by Idajet Beqiri.[1]


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