National University of Colombia at Medellín

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National University of Colombia, Medellín
Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Medellín
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Motto Inter-Aulas-Academiæ-Quære-Verum
Motto in English
Search for the truth in the academy classrooms
Type Public
Rector Ignacio Mantilla Prada
Location Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia
6°15′44″N 75°34′37″W / 6.26219°N 75.576968°W / 6.26219; -75.576968Coordinates: 6°15′44″N 75°34′37″W / 6.26219°N 75.576968°W / 6.26219; -75.576968
Campus Medellín
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The National University of Colombia, Medellín (also called Sede Medellín or UNALMED), is a public, coeducational, research university. It is the Medellín branch of the National University of Colombia System, which also has campuses located in the cities of Bogotá, Manizales, Palmira, Arauca, Leticia, and San Andrés.

The National University of Colombia, Medellín has two campuses, which are the Central Campus and Campus Robledo, where 10,447 students study. This site provides approximately 29% of the seats for new students at National. Also this site has 555 faculty professors, of which 38% are doctors, 44% are master's, 8% were specialists and 10% are Professionals. This site offers 26 undergraduate and 73 graduate and categorized: 15 PhDs, 28 Masters and 29 specializations.

Its history has given Medellín a peculiar character since it was not formed, as most other universities are, from the classic degrees of Law, Medicine, Arts and Sciences. Instead, the site grew out of its engineering program, which is why today, the Medellín branch has the highest number of engineering degrees of the National University of Colombia and Colombia in general. The university's emphasis on engineering has led in the development, teaching, and application of engineering in Colombia.

Ajedrez Plazuela


Central campus[edit]

The central campus is located northwest of downtown, between Cerro Ecoparque the Flyer and the Medellín River. It is since 1938 the headquarters of the National University of Colombia in Medellin when the School of Tropical Agriculture (now the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences) joined the University. The Central Campus is made up of the Nucleus The Rocket which has a 272,982 m² area, the heart of Rio that has an area of 31,758 m² and a portion of Cerro El Flying around 269,257 m² that belongs to the Universidad.14 is highlights the Entomological Museum founded in 1937, the Museum of Mycology founded in 1987, the Herbarium "Gabriel Gutierrez," the wood collection, the Central Library "Efe Gomez" as attractive artistic and architectural highlights, the Totem Mythic created by Master Pedro Nel Gomez, Block 41 declared a National Cultural, designed by Engineer Jesús Montoya Mejía which began in 1931, the Block 11 Master designed by Pedro Nel Gómez.

Campus Robledo[edit]

Campus Robledo, also called core or more colloquially as the School of Mines, is located northwest of the city of Medellin, Robledo neighborhood is composed of three fields separated by Kr 80, which presents a difficult high traffic pedestrian connection between the properties that make up the physical structure of the School of Mines, and Ingeominas, recently integrated into the University. It has an area of 100,978.69 m².

In 1886, the School of Mines was created and it was joined to the University in 1936, today is the National School of Mines and has approximately 3,500 students. It highlights the Museum of Geosciences, Maximum classroom buildings (block M5) and M3 block designed by Master Pedro Nel Gomez School of Mines in 1936. Declared National Monument in 1994 thanks to its architecture and its murals by the same Pedro Nel Gómez. The University in Medellin has 5 faculties of the schools offer 25 careers, nearly half of them are engineering at the School of Mines, also has three museums and other services.


Francisco Luis Gallego Entomology Museum

University Profile[edit]

Colleges in the Medellín branch:

Museums on the Medellín branch:

  • Entomological Museum
  • Mycology Museum
  • Museo de Geociencias (Mineralogical museum)
  • Herbario “Gabriel Gutiérrez”
  • Xiloteca

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