National University of Food Technologies

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National University of Food Technologies
Національний університет харчових технологій
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MottoFides, traditus, honor
Motto in English
Faith, tradition, honor
RectorAnatolii Ukrainets
LocationCity of Kiev, Ukraine
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University main building.

The National University of Food Technologies is a Ukrainian university located in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine.


Campuses and Buildings[edit]

The campus includes eight buildings. Building "A" hosts the University administration section, Assembly Hall, Academic Council Hall, Dean of Faculty, Departmental offices, Teaching offices, Classrooms and Laboratories. Building "B" hosts the University Entrance exam rooms, Department of Pre-University Education, Training rooms, Museum and classrooms. Buildings "C", "D", and "F" - each host departmental offices, teachers' offices, classrooms, and laboratories. Buildings "E" and "I" host University service centers: Human Resources, Accounting, Supplies Division, Chief Power Sources, the Department of Fire Safety and more.

Institutes and Faculties[edit]

The National University of Food Technology consists of 21 faculties (including eight via correspondence or satellite campuses) which are located in the following regions of Ukraine: Kyiv, Vinnytsia, Lutsk, Kerch, Lviv, Poltava, Svaliava, Ivano-Frankivsk, Kamianets-Podilskyi, Simferopol, Smila, Sumy, and Odesa.

In Kyiv, there are the following programs of study:

  • Production of Meat, Dairy, Perfume and Cosmetic Products
  • Bakery and Confection Industries
  • Biotechnology and Environmental Control
  • Mechanics, Engineering and Packing Equipment
  • Automation and Computer Systems
  • Accounting, Finance, and Business Activities
  • Economics and Management
  • Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Business
  • Fermenting, Canning, and Sugar Industries
  • Health-improving Products, Technology and Food Expert
  • Pre-University Training
  • Online Learning - E-NUFT

Notable alumni[edit]

  • Yuriy Kosiuk, billionaire and CEO of Ukraine's largest agricultural company MHP[1]
  • Nikolai Sanov (1966-1981 - Minister of Food Industry of the Ukrainian SSR)
  • Igor Stepanenko (1965 - Minister of Food Industry of the Ukrainian SSR)
  • Nikolai Kulinich (1981-1984 - Minister of Food Industry of the Ukrainian SSR)
  • Hryhoriy Zagorodny (1985 - Minister of Food Industry of the Ukrainian SSR)
  • Alexander Vasilchenko (CEO of Association "Ukrhlebprom")
  • Anatoly Kosovan (Director of the State Scientific Research Institute of bakery industry, President of the Russian Union of Bakers, a corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences)
  • Peter Parkhomenko (CEO of ZAO "Kyivkhlib" Honored Worker of Industry of Ukraine, winner of the International Open rating of popularity and quality "Golden Fortune-98")
  • Lyudmila Gournac (director of the Kyiv bakery-confectionery combine, Honored Worker of Industry of Ukraine, a corresponding member of the Ukrainian Technological Academy)
  • Anatoly Dzis (CEO of ZAO "KIYiVS'KA KONDITERS'KA FABRIKA IM. KARLA MARKSA", ZAT MIZhNARODNA KONDITERS'KA KORPORACIYa ROSHEN, Honored Worker of Industry of Ukraine, the author of 32 certificates for inventions)
  • Maya Burdeeva (the head of the production of the chocolate factory Rainford, awarded with gold medal of VDNH of Ukraine for the development of new types of products)
  • Oleksandr Slobodian (President of ZAO Obolon on a voluntary basis, the President of FC «Obolon», during four years) is one of the best top-managers of Ukraine, in 2003 at the International Competition "Golden Trade Marks" was awarded the Honorary Order "Public Recognition"
  • Vladimir Eroshenko (CEO factory "Rosynka", the nominee of the rating Top-100. The best top-managers of Ukraine)
  • Hryhoriy Surkis, Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, the President of the Football Federation of Ukraine, member of the UEFA Executive Committee, the winner of the first independent Ukrainian award "Prometheus-Prestige" and the "Man of the Year" in the nomination "Businessman of the Year" (1996, 1998), "the Maecenas of the year" (1997, 1999)

Awards and Reputation[edit]

All-Ukrainian rating Vyssh uchebnыh wound "Compass 2012" - 7th place.

Rating the State Intellectual Property Service of Ukraine - 1st place among universities with the highest inventive activities.


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