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National University of Management (NUM)
National University of Cambodia logo.png
RectorDr. Hor Peng
AddressStreet 96 Christopher Howes, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

National University of Management (NUM) is a business school in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, located near Phnom Penh Railway Station. The university provides training programmes to all people in the areas of management, economics, commerce, IT, business law, tourism, and foreign languages, accompanied by research and development in response to the needs of the job market.


The National University of Management was founded in 1983 as the Economics Science Institute (ESI) and, until 1991, received assistance from the National Economics University in Hanoi, Vietnam. During this period, students were enrolled in a five-year undergraduate program with the Vietnamese language serving as the main language of instruction. The curriculum, set by the visiting faculty from Hanoi, included major fields in finance, commerce, agriculture, industry, and socialist planning.

With the opening up of Cambodia to the international community during the early 1990s, the ESI was renamed the Faculty of Business (FOB). Initial support for the FOB was provided by the Asia Foundation and later, through a three-year USAID grant (1994 to 1997), by Georgetown University and the University of San Francisco.

This support provided teacher training and institutional development, and encouraged transformation of the curriculum along the lines of an international or American-style business school. Marketing and accounting majors were introduced during this period, and the length of the undergraduate program was reduced from five to four years of study. Commercial law courses were added to the curriculum by the University of San Francisco Law School.

In 2004, the FOB was transformed into the National University of Management (NUM); program offerings were expanded to include the fields of tourism and hospitality management, finance and banking, and MIS. NUM opened the first MBA program in Cambodia in cooperation with the University Utara Malaysia (UUM), a state-sponsored university in northern Malaysia. NUM maintains a five-year faculty exchange and research program with the University of Antwerp, Belgium and has recently opened a Center for Entrepreneurship and Development in partnership with Fisk University (Nashville, United States) and Tennessee State University, sponsored by UNCF/USAID.

Currently, more than 10,000 students attend courses at NUM's main campus in Phnom Penh. NUM operates a full Bachelor of Business Administration degree program in Battambang with more than 700 students attending courses at NUM's provincial campus.

Academic programs[edit]

  • Bachelor's degrees (four-year): Management, Marketing, Accounting and Finance, Finance and Banking, Tourism and Hospitality, English Literature, Eco-Business, Law, Faculty of Information Technology
  • Master's degrees (two-year): Business Administration, Accounting and Finance, Economics, Information Technology (IT), Tourism and Hospitality
  • Ph.D. (three-year): Business Administration, Tourism and Hospitality, Economics
  • Certificate programs: Business Administration-Marketing, Economics, Information Technology, Accounting and Finance, Finance and Banking, Foreign Language (Korea, Japan)


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