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National University of Trujillo
Universidad Nacional de Trujillo
Universidad Nacional de Trujillo.JPG
Type Public University
Established May 10, 1824
Academic staff
Administrative staff
Students 19,000
Location Trujillo, La Libertad,  Peru
Campus 35 ha

The National University of Trujillo (Spanish: Universidad Nacional de Trujillo) (UNT) is a major public university located in Trujillo, Peru, capital of the department of La Libertad. The university was founded by Simón Bolívar and José Faustino Sánchez Carrión, who met in Huamachuco; they signed the decree of foundation on May 10, 1824, before Peru's independence from Spain.[1] National University of Trujillo, was the first republican university founded in Peru.[2]

UNT has approximately 19,000 students in 12 academic faculties, making it one of the largest universities in the country. The current headmaster is Dr. Victor Carlos Sabana Gamarra.

The UNT is ranked as one of the best universities in Peru.


The National University of Trujillo is a Peruvian university located in the city of Trujillo, La Libertad Region in northern Peru whose acronym is UNT, was founded during the Republican era by General Simón Bolívar, who issued from his headquarters in the Huamachuco a decree founding the university in May 10, 1824, having as secretario Don José Faustino Sánchez Carrión. The first director was Don Carlos Pedemonte y Talavera and whose term begins on October 22, 1831. On 23 November 1831 the Government appointed as supreme patron of the University to St. Thomas and St. Rose of Lima, where it ran. The first colleges environments were inside the school founded by bishops El Salvador. The first classes were Dogmatic and Moral Theology, Canons and Laws, Anatomy and Medicine, Philosophy and Mathematics. The first academic degrees awarded by UNT were those of Bachelor, Master and Doctor of Laws and Sacred Canons. It adopts the College system starting in 1861. From Its classrooms exited the universal poet César Vallejo in 1916, the first political philosopher Antenor Orregoin 1928, Víctor Raúl Haya de la Torre, Eduardo González Viaña, Carlos Hugo Garrido Chalén, among others.

People related with UNT[edit]

People related with National University of Trujillo (UNT)
Cesar vallejo 1929 RestauradabyJohnManuel.jpg Victorraulhayadelatorre.jpg Ciro Alegría.svg EduardoGonzálesViaña.jpg
Poet Cesar Vallejo
called by Thomas Merton "the greatest universal poet since Dante", studied at National University of Trujillo
Maria Julia Mantilla
Miss World 2004, studied Education at UNT
Víctor Raúl Haya de la Torre
Political leader, studied literature at UNT
Ciro Alegría
journalist, politician, and novelist
Antenor Orrego
Studied Philosophy at UNT
Eduardo González Viaña
Studied laws at UNT, he's a direct successor of the North Group


UNT is organized into 12 faculties which contain 35 professional academic schools.

Faculty Professional School
Faculty of Biological Sciences Biological Sciences
Microbiology and Parasitology
Faculty of Pharmacy and Biochemistry Pharmacy and Biochemistry
Faculty of Education and Communication Sciences Communication Sciences
Initial Education
Primary Education
Secondary Education
Faculty of Medicine Human Medicine
Faculty of Social Sciences Social Work
Faculty of Physical and Mathematical Sciences Physics
Computer Science
Statistics Engineering
Faculty of Economical Sciences Administration
Faculty of Law and Political Sciences Law and Political Sciences
Faculty of Engineering Industrial Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Metallurgic Engineering
Systems Engineering
Mines Engineering
Materials Engineering
Mechatronics Engineering
Faculty of Chemical Engineering Chemical Engineering
Environmental Engineering
Faculty of Nursing Nursing
Faculty of Agropecuary Sciences Agroindustrial Engineering
Agricultural Engineering

Notable students[edit]

Among former renowned professors and students are:

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