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National University of Litoral
Universidad Nacional del Litoral
UNL Seal.png
Seal of the National University of Litoral
Former names
Universidad Provincial de Santa Fe (Provincial University of Santa Fe)
Lux indeficiens
Motto in English
Inextinguishable light
EstablishedOctober 17, 1919 (1919-10-17)
RectorDr. Enrique José Mammarella
Academic staff
Location, ,
31°38′04″S 60°42′19″W / 31.63444°S 60.70528°W / -31.63444; -60.70528Coordinates: 31°38′04″S 60°42′19″W / 31.63444°S 60.70528°W / -31.63444; -60.70528
ColorsClean river blue and white
UNL Logo.png

The National University of Litoral (Spanish: Universidad Nacional del Litoral, UNL) is a public university in Argentina. It is based in Santa Fe, the capital of Santa Fe Province. It has colleges and other academic facilities in Esperanza, Reconquista and Gálvez, also in Santa Fe Province.


The original institution was established as the Universidad Provincial de Santa Fe (Provincial University of Santa Fe) in 1889. The Argentine university reform of 1918 brought modernization and democratization to higher education in Argentina. The National University of Litoral was created the following year by a national law signed on October 17, becoming the first regional university in the country, with influence over the Argentine Littoral (Santa Fe and the Mesopotamic provinces of Entre Ríos and Corrientes).[1]

Notable alumni[edit]


Notable faculty[edit]

  • Ángela Romera Vera - Legal scholar and Sociology chair. First Argentine woman diplomat.[2]
  • Prof. Raquel Chan. Biochemist, lead researcher in the team that developed the drought tolerant wheat and soybean seeds HB4®.[3]

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