National University of the West

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National University of the West
Universidad Nacional del Oeste
Type Public
Established 2009
Rector Dr. Marcelo Ducrós
Location San Antonio de Padua, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Administrative offices

The National University of the West (Spanish: Universidad Nacional del Oeste, UNO) is an Argentine national university, situated in San Antonio de Padua, Merlo Partido, Buenos Aires Province.

It was established on November 11, 2009, by National Law 26,544.[1] The campus was formally inaugurated on September 16, 2011 - the 35th anniversary of the "night of the pencils" assault against a group of left-wing La Plata students at the height of the Dirty War. The school offers degrees in eight disciplines, including business administration, public administration, physical education, nursing and computer science.

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  1. ^ Text of Law 24,496, in Spanish

Coordinates: 34°39′53″S 58°41′58″W / 34.66472°S 58.69944°W / -34.66472; -58.69944