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The National Video Center was a video production company with studios in Washington, DC, Boston, Atlanta, Connecticut and New York City until June 2002. National Recording Studios opened in 1959 in New York City located at 730 Fifth Avenue between 56th and 57th Streets - Recording Studios were on the 6th floor which included Studio B, and insert shoot stage for the fledgling National Video, located on the 11th floor. Original owners were Irv Kaufman, Hal Lustig, and brother Carl Lustig.

National moved its headquarters to the former West Side Airline Terminal at 460 West 42nd Street (which was on Theatre Row (New York City)) as well as maintaining a huge music recording studio in what used to be the ballroom of the Edison Hotel. National Recording Studios built a second studio in Boston, Tom Love Audio, which became Rumblestrip in 1994. Studio shots from the film Tootsie were filmed in the West 42nd Street studio TV-1, and the closing shots of the movie are the exterior of National's building.

The company's divisions in Boston are still active, although it is now NationalBoston. Napoleon Videographics is still active, as well.

The production studio worked with clients such as MTV, PBS, CBS, NBC, ABC, Discovery Networks, A&E, and USA Network...virtually every broadcat, cable and web based content provider.

In 1992 NY1 launched its initial studio on the fourth floor.[1]

National Video Center can be found on Twitter at @National_Video

Selected work[edit]

NationalBoston/NMD/Rumblestrip (Boston)[edit]

1Produced by NationalBoston. 2 Produced by NMD
3 Produced/composed by Rumblestrip.

NationalNY/TeleZign/Napoleon/T*POT(New York)[edit]

National Sound (New York)[edit]

4Produced by NationalNY. 5 Produced by TeleZign
6 Produced by Napoleon.
7 Produced by T*POT.