National Women's Under-18 Championship

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This article is about the Canadian national championship for provincial teams. For Canadian women's midget club championship, see Esso Cup.
National Women's Under-18 Championship
Formerly Women's Under-18 Hockey Challenge
Sport Ice hockey
Inaugural season 2000-01
Most recent
Ontario Ontario Red
TV partner(s) TSN
Sponsor(s) Hockey Canada
Official website

The National Women's Under-18 Championship is a Canadian women's ice hockey tournament held by Hockey Canada for provincial and regional teams organized by its member branches. It is one of two national championships for female minor hockey in Canada, the other being the Esso Cup, which is a competition for midget 'AAA' clubs.


During its early years, the tournament was known as the Women's Under-18 Hockey Challenge and was not an annual event. The inaugural tournament was held in February 2001 in Trois-Rivières, Quebec. It was a six team tournament that featured regional teams: West (Manitoba/Saskatchewan), Quebec, Atlantic, Pacific (British Columbia/Alberta), and split squads from Ontario (Red and Blue). The second Under-18 Challenge took place in January 2005 at Salmon Arm, British Columbia. This time the four western provinces entered separate teams, but the Atlantic provinces remained together. [1]

In 2005, Hockey Canada restructured the Under-18 Challenge, moving to November and renaming it the National Women's Under-18 Championship. The first was held in November 2005, the same calendar year as the previous tournament.[2] Both 2005 championships were won by the Ontario Red team.

The tournament is now held each year in November, but is skipped every fourth season when the women's hockey competition at the Canada Winter Games takes its place. Ontario teams have won every gold medal at this event. Notable alumni of this tournament are Canadian national team veterans Meghan Agosta, Gillian Apps, and Sarah Vaillancourt.[3]


Year Season Gold Medal Silver Medal Bronze Medal Location
2016 2016-17 Ontario Red Quebec British Columbia Regina, SK
2015 2015-16 Ontario Red Manitoba Ontario Blue Huntsville, ON
2013 2013-14 Ontario Red Ontario Blue Alberta Calgary, AB
2012 2012-13 Ontario Blue Manitoba Ontario Red Dawson Creek, BC
2011 2011-12 Ontario Red Quebec Manitoba Saguenay, QC
2009 2009-10 Ontario Red Ontario Blue Quebec Surrey, BC
2008 2008-09 Ontario Red Quebec Manitoba Greater Napanee, ON
2007 2007-08 Ontario Red Quebec Manitoba Trois-Rivières, QC
2005 2005-06 Ontario Red Quebec Atlantic Salmon Arm, BC
2005 2004-05 Ontario Red Quebec British Columbia Salmon Arm, BC
2001 2000-01 Ontario Red Quebec West Trois-Rivières, QC

Most Valuable Player[edit]

Year Name Team
2015 Amy Potomak British Columbia
2013 Rebecca Leslie Ontario Red
2012 Halli Krzyzaniak Manitoba
2011 Jaimie McDonell Ontario Red
2009 Meghan Dufault Manitoba
2008 Marie-Philip Poulin Quebec
2007 Audrey Cournoyer Quebec
2005 Laura Fridfinnson Manitoba

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