National Youth Advocacy Coalition

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National Youth Advocacy Coalition
National Youth Advocacy Coalition logo.png
National Youth Advocacy Coalition logo
Abbreviation NYAC
Motto Building a Generation of Impact
Formation 1993
Extinction May 12, 2011
Headquarters Washington, DC

The National Youth Advocacy Coalition, or NYAC, which ceased to operate on May 12, 2011, was an organization which sought to fight discrimination against and promote the leadership and wellness for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and questioning (LBGTQ) youth.

NYAC was founded in 1993 as the National Advocacy Coalition on Youth and Sexual Orientation, a project of the Hetrick-Martin Institute. The purpose of the organization was to support LGBTQ young people and their allies in adding their voices to the growing LGBTQ rights movement. The group expanded when it added the Bridges Project, the first national informational clearinghouse for LGBTQ youth and the organizations that serve them founded by the American Friends Service Committee.[1]

A membership organization, NYAC attracted organizations from all over the country. One the hallmarks of the organization were the national and regional summits. The National Summit, usually held in Washington, DC attracted hundreds of youth advocates and allies each year, culminating in visits to Congress.

At its height NYAC had over ten staff and a $1M+ budget.[citation needed] Much of its work centered on both social justice advocacy work, LGBTQ youth organization capacity building, LGBTQ youth leadership development, and HIV/STI prevention and education work..

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