Lesotho Fatse La Bontata Rona

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Lesōthō Fatše La Bo Ntat'a Rōna
English: Lesotho, land of our Fathers
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National anthem of  Lesotho
Lyrics J.P Mohapeloa
Music Ferdinand-Samuel Laur
Adopted 1966

"Lesōthō Fatše La Bo Ntat'a Rōna" is the national anthem of Lesotho. The lyrics were written by François Coillard, a French missionary, and the music was composed by Ferdinand-Samuel Laur. It has been used as the national anthem since 1967. Originally, the anthem had four verses.


Sesotho lyrics English translation
Lesōthō fatše la bontat'a rōna;
Har'a mafatše le letle ke lona;
Ke moo re hlahileng,
ke moo re hōlileng,
Rea le rata,
Mōlimō ak'u bōlōke Lesōthō;
U felise lintoa le matšoenyeho;
Oho fatše lena;
La bontata rōna;
Le be le khotso.
Lesotho, land of our Fathers,
Among the lands it is the most beautiful.
It is where we were born,
It is where we grew up--
We love it.
God, please protect Lesotho.
Spare it conflict, and tribulation--
Oh, this land,
Land of our Fathers,
May it have peace.

Lesotho Fatse La Bontata Rona (Original composition)

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