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National freeway 3 shield}}
National freeway 3
Formosa Freeway
Route information
Maintained by Taiwan Area National Freeway Bureau
Length430.5 km (267.5 mi)
Existed19 January 1993–present
Major junctions
North end Prov 2 in Keelung
Major intersections
South endDapengwan National Scenic Area in Linbian
CountiesKeelung, New Taipei, Taipei,
Taoyuan, Hsinchu, Miaoli, Taichung, Changhua, Nantou, Yunlin, Chiayi, Tainan, Kaohsiung, Pingtung
Highway system
Nat 2 Nat 4
Formosa Freeway Bitan Bridge

National Freeway 3 (Chinese: 國道三號; pinyin: Guódào sān hào), also known as Formosa Freeway (Chinese: 福爾摩沙高速公路; pinyin: Fúěrmóshā gāosù gōnglù), is a freeway in Taiwan. It is the second north–south freeway in Taiwan, beginning in Keelung City at Jijin Interchange on the provincial highway 2 (Jijin Road) and ending in Linbian, Pingtung on the provincial highway 17. It is the longest freeway in Taiwan with a total length of 431.5 km (268.1 mi). The freeway is also the only one in Taiwan to have a spur route, Freeway 3A.

The highway has 55 interchanges, 13 junctions, 11 toll stations, and 7 service areas en route. Aside from the 55 public interchanges, there are also some interchanges reserved for governmental usage.

Route Description[edit]

This freeway mostly serves as a bypass to major cities in Western Taiwan, traveling through suburban and rural areas. However, Freeway 3 is also the primary freeway in the counties of Nantou and Pingtung, as well as the first ever being built in these counties. Various expressways and east-west freeways link Freeway 3 with urban areas typically served by Freeway 1. The purposes of this freeway are to increase economic development in the rural area and to relieve congestion along Freeway 1.

The freeway begins at an intersection with Provincial Highway 2 (Chinese: 臺二線) and Provincial Highway 2F (Chinese: 臺二己線) in Keelung. Highway 2F, also known as Port of Keelung Western Connector (Chinese: 基隆港西岸聯外道路), is an elevated road that connects the Port of Keelung with Freeway 3. The freeway travels in a northeast-southwest direction through the western part of Keelung before intersecting Freeway 1 in Xizhi. The freeway then travels along the mountains of New Taipei City and Taipei, bypassing the southeastern and southern edge of the Taipei metropolitan area. Connections to downtown Taipei are available through Huandong Blvd (Chinese: 環東大道) in Nangang and Freeway 3A in Wenshan. In Nangang, the freeway intersects National Freeway 5, which travels through the Xueshan Range before reaching Yilan County in Eastern Taiwan. In Yingge, the freeway meets National Freeway 2 which provides connections to downtown Taoyuan as well as Taipei's main international airport, Taoyuan International Airport. In Taoyuan, the freeway is mostly parallel to Provincial Highway 3, traveling through the mountainous areas of the city. As the freeway enters Hsinchu County it turns to a slightly east-west direction before intersecting Freeway 1 for the second time at the border of Hsinchu county and Hsinchu city. This stretch of the freeway is also known as the Northern Second Freeway (Chinese: 北部第二高速公路, 北二高).

In Miaoli County the freeway mostly parallels Freeway 1 and Provincial Highway 61 (also known as West Coast expressway, Chinese: 西濱快速道路) all the way to Taichung. In Taichung, the freeway intersects with National Freeway 4 just north of Taichung International Airport. The stretch from Freeway 4 to Provincial Highway 74 (Kuaiguan-Wufeng expressway, Chinese: 快官霧峰線) forms the western and southern portion of the Taichung Beltway (Chinese: 臺中環線). After entering Changhua County the freeway turns into a northwest-southeast direction heading towards Nantou County, intersecting Freeway 1 for the third and final time in Changhua. Before entering Nantou City the freeway meets National Freeway 6, which connects to the mountainous town of Puli and the Central Mountain Range. In Nantou, the freeway mostly travels in a north-south direction before exiting to Yunlin County, where it travels in a slight northeast-southwest direction again along Yunlin and parallels Freeway 1. This stretch of the freeway from Hsinchu to the intersection of Provincial Highway 78 (Taiwan) in Gukeng, Yunlin is also known as the Central Second Highway (Chinese: 中部第二高速公路, 中二高).

The highway continues to parallel Freeway 1 as it travels along the eastern parts of Chiayi County and Tainan. Provincinal highways 82, 84, and 86 as well as National Freeway 8 provide connections between Freeways 1 and 3. In Kaohsiung the freeway bypasses the downtown area and travels along the mountainous rural districts. Connections to downtown and Kaohsiung International Airport are available through National Freeway 10, which the freeway intersects in the rural district of Yanchao, as well as Provincial Highway 88 in the urban township of Chaozhou in Pingtung County. After passing though the intersection with Freeway 10, the freeway enters Pingtung and ends in Dapengwan National Scenic Area in the rural township of Linbian. The southern stretch of the highway is known as the Southern Second Highway (Chinese: 南部第二高速公路, 南二高).


Freeways in Republic of China are officially coded "Freeways" with their respective numbers. By this principle, national freeway 3 is coded Freeway No. 3 (國道三號) in official documents or on road signs. Besides the numeric name, on 1 November 2004 it was named the Formosa Freeway (福爾摩沙高速公路) in a naming competition; however, its old alias Second Freeway (第二高速公路 or 二高) is more popular among the road users.


The original plan was only intended to build a second freeway between Taipei and Hsinchu. The construction began in 1987. Tucheng IC - Sanying IC was opened in January 1993, followed by Zhonghe IC to Hsinchu SIC in August 1993. Extension from Hsinchu SIC to Xiangshan IC was finished in February 1996. In March 1996, Xizhi SIC - Muzha IC was opened. The final phase of the north section was Muzha IC. - Zhonghe IC, which was completed in August 1997. The extension between Xizhi SIC and Jijin IC completed in August 2000.

The construction of the freeway south of Hsinchu City began in 1993. In February 2000, Xinhua JCT. - Jiuru IC. was open for the traffic. It was followed by Douliu IC - Xinhua JCT. In November 2001, Xiangshan IC. - Zhunan IC in December 2001, Zhunan IC - Houlong IC in May 2002, Caotun IC - Douliu IC in June 2002, Zhonggang SIC - Longjing IC in October 2002, and Houlong IC - Zhonggang JCT., Kuaiguan IC - Caotun IC in January 2003. The entire project was completed in January 2004 when Longjing IC - Kuaiguan IC was opened.

2010 landslide[edit]

On 25 April 2010, a landslide occurred on a segment near Xizhi. A large amount of dirt buried both directions of the freeway. Four cars were buried under the debris, killing four people.[1] Bad hillside anchoring was blamed as a possible cause, as it had not been raining at the time of the collapse, and an earthquake was not registered.

Repairs to the freeway were completed on 19 June 2010 and normal traffic flow restored.[2]

Exit list[edit]

Keelung CityAnle District0.00.00Jijin Prov 2 / Prov 2F – Keelung, WanliNorthbound exit and southbound entrance
Qidu District2.41.52Madong System Prov 62 – Ruifang, Dapu
New Taipei CityXizhi10.96.810Xizhi System Nat 1 – Xizhi, Wudu, Neihu
12.27.612Xintai 5th Road Prov 5 – Xizhi, Nangang
14.99.314NangangHuandong Blvd., Nangang
Taipei CityNangang16.410.216Nangang System Nat 5 – Shiding, Yilan
16.710.416Nanshen Rd.Nanshen Rd.Northbound entrance only
Wenshan20.712.920Muzha Nat 3a – Muzha, Taipei, Shenkeng
2516Muzha Rest Stop (Northbound access only)
New Taipei CityXindian26.816.726XindianZhongxing Rd.- Xindian
31.119.331Ankeng Cty 110 – Ankeng, Xindian, Taipei
Zhonghe35.822.235Zhonghe Prov 64 – Zhonghe, Banqiao
Tucheng42.826.642Tucheng Prov 65 / Prov 3 – Tucheng, Banqiao
Sanxia503150Sanying Cty 110 – Sanxia, Yingge
Yingge54.633.954Yingge System Nat 2 – Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, Bade
Taoyuan CityDaxi62.739.062Daxi Prov 66 / Prov 3 – Cihu Mausoleum, Daxi, Zhongli, Pingzhen
Longtan68.442.568Longtan Cty 113B – Longtan
Hsinchu CountyGuanxi76.847.7Guanxi Service Area
79.449.379Guanxi Cty 118 – Guanxi, Xinpu
Qionglin90.656.390Zhulin Cty 120 – Zhudong, Qionglin
Baoshan96.259.8Baoshan Rest Area (Southbound access only)
98.761.398BaoshanSanfeng Rd., Daya Rd.- Baoshan, Hsinchu Science and Industrial Park
100.562.4100Hsinchu System Nat 1 – Hsinchu, Toufen
Hsinchu CityXiangshan District103.064.0103Jiadong Cty 117 – Hsinchu
109.668.1109Xiangshan Prov 1 / Prov 13 – Xiangshan, Toufen, Zhunan
Miaoli CountyZhunan115.271.6115Xibin Prov 61
119.374.1119Zhunan Prov 1F / Prov 61 – Zhunan
Houlong124.977.6124DashanZaoqiao, Dashan
130.981.3130Houlong Prov 6 – Houlong, Miaoli
Xihu134.383.5Xihu Service Area
Tongxiao144.589.8144Tongxiao Cty 128 – Tongluo, Tongxiao
Yuanli156.897.4156Yuanli Cty 140 – Sanyi, Yuanli
Taichung CityWaipu164.2102.0164Waipu Cty 132 – Waipu, Dajia
Qingshui169.4105.3169Zhonggang System Nat 4 – Shengang, Qingshui
172.5107.2Qingshui Service Area
Shalu176.1109.4176Shalu Prov 10 – Daya, Shalu
Longjing182.7113.5182Longjing Cty 136 – Longjing, Taichung
Changhua CountyHemei191.5119.0191Hemei Prov 61B / Cty 134a – Hemei, Shengang
Changhua196.8122.3196Changhua System Nat 1 – Taichung, Changhua
202.5125.8202Kuaiguan Prov 74 / Prov 74a – Taichung, Changhua
Taichung CityWuri207.6129.0207Wuri Cty 127 – Wuri
Wufeng209.3130.1209Zhongtou Prov 63 – Dali, Taichung
211.5131.4211Wufeng Prov 74 / Prov 3 – Wufeng
214.2133.1214Wufeng System Nat 6 – Guoxing, Puli
Nantou CountyCaotun217.5135.1217Caotun Prov 14 – Caotun, Fenyuan
222.7138.4222Zhongxing System Prov 76 – Yuanlin
224.9139.7224Zhongxing Prov 3 / Prov 14B – Nantou, Zhongxing New Village
Nantou228142228Nantou Prov 3a – Nantou, Zhongliao
231.3143.7Nantou Service Area
Mingjian237147237Mingjian Prov 3 – Mingjian, Jiji
Zhushan243.6151.4243Zhushan Prov 3 – Zhushan, Lugu
Yunlin CountyDouliu260160260Douliu Prov 3 – Douliu, Linnei
Gukeng269.3167.3269Gukeng System Prov 78 – Gukeng, Douliu
276.8172.0Gukeng Service Area
Chiayi CountyDalin279.6173.7279Meishan Cty 162 – Meishan, Dalin
Zhuqi290180290Zhuqi Cty 159 / Cty 166 – Zhuqi, Minxiong, Chiayi
Zhongpu297.6184.9297Zhongpu Prov 18 – Zhongpu, Chiayi
Shuishang300.9187.0300Shuishang System Prov 82 – Shuishang
Tainan CityBaihe311.6193.6311Baihe Cty 172 – Dongshan, Baihe
Dongshan319198Dongshan Service Area
Liouying322200322Liouying Cty 165 – City Road 110, Dongshan, Liouying
Lioujia329.7204.9329WushantouCity Road 116, CR 165, Guantian, Lioujia
Guantian334.9208.1334Guantian System Prov 84 – Guantian, Yujing, Danei
Shanhua340.2211.4340Shanhua Cty 178 – Shanhua, Shanshang
Xinhua346.9215.6346Xinhua System Nat 8 – Xinhua, Tainan
350220Xinhua Rest Area
Guanmiao357222357Guanmiao Prov 86 / Prov 19a – Guanmiao, Gueiren
363226Guanmiao Service Area
Kaohsiung CityTianliao369.5229.6369Tianliao Prov 28 – Tianliao, Alian
Yanchao383238383Yanchao System Nat 10 – Cishan, Kaohsiung
Pingtung CountyJiuru391.6243.3391Jiuru Prov 3 – Jiuru, Ligang, Pingtung
Changzhi396.0246.1396Pingtung Prov 27 – Yanpu, PingtungSouthbound exit and northbound entrance
Changzhi400.2248.7400Changzhi Prov 24 – Changzhi, Sandimen
Linluo407.3253.1407Linluo Prov 1 – Linluo, Neipu, Pingtung
Zhutian415.2258.0415Zhutian System Prov 88 – Zhutian, Kaohsiung
Kanding421.2261.7421KandingKandingSouthbound exit and northbound entrance
Nanzhou424.5263.8424Nanzhou Cty 187B – Nanzhou, Xinpi
Linbian430.5267.5430Linbian Prov 17 – Linbian, Donggang
431.5268.1431Dapengwan EndDapengwan National Scenic Area
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

Major cities that have exit along the route[edit]

Muzha IC and Maokong Gondola in Taipei.

Intersections with other freeways and expressways[edit]


The lanes in each direction are listed below.

  • 4 lanes:
    • Zhonghe IC. - Yingge JCT.
    • Wufeng IC. - Nantou IC.
  • 3 lanes:
    • Jijin IC. - Zhonghe IC.
    • Yingge JCT. - Wufeng IC.
    • Nantou IC. - Jiuru IC.
  • 2 lanes:
    • Jiuru IC. - Linbian End

Spur routes[edit]

Freeway 3A (Taipei)

See also[edit]


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Coordinates: 24°5′50″N 120°36′0″E / 24.09722°N 120.60000°E / 24.09722; 120.60000