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Cassop National Nature Reserve.

National nature reserves in England are designated by Natural England as key places for wildlife and natural features in England. They were established to protect the most significant areas of habitat and of geological formations. NNRs are managed on behalf of the nation, many by Natural England themselves, but also by non-governmental organisations, including the members of The Wildlife Trusts partnership, the National Trust, and the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds.

There are over 224 NNRs in England covering around 800 square kilometres (310 sq mi), 0.71% England's land area and practically every kind of landscape. Often they contain rare species or nationally important species of plants, insects, butterflies, birds, mammals etc.

Spotlight NNRs[edit]

From the 250+ reserves, Natural England has selected 35 as "Spotlight Reserves":[1]

For a full list of English NNRs, see List of national nature reserves in England

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