List of national presidents of the Boy Scouts of America

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National Chair
National President (Boy Scouts of America).png
Incumbent Daniel Gil "Dan" Ownby
OwnerBoy Scouts of America
CreatedFebruary 8, 1910
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The national chair is the leading volunteer of the National Executive Board of the Boy Scouts of America, a position comparable to the chairman of a board of directors.

Prior to 2018, the role of National Chair was titled National President.[1] The National Chair is a member of the National Key 3 along with the National Commissioner and the Chief Scout Executive.


Walter W. Head
Mortimer L. Schiff
Thomas J. Watson
Norman R. Augustine
Rex Tillerson
Robert Gates
Term President
1910–1925 Colin H. Livingstone
1925–1926 James J. Storrow (died in office)
1926 (March–May) Milton A. McRae
1926–1931 Walter W. Head
1931 Mortimer L. Schiff (died in office)
1931–1946 Walter W. Head
1946–1951 Amory Houghton
1951–1956 John Mortimer Schiff
1956–1959 Kenneth K. Bechtel
1959–1964 Ellsworth Hunt Augustus
1964–1968 Thomas J. Watson
1968–1971 Irving Feist
1971–1973 Norton Clapp
1973–1975 Robert W. Reneker
1975–1977 Arch H. Monson. Jr.
1977–1979 Downing B. Jenks
1979 John D. Murchison (died in office)
1979–1980 Downing B. Jenks
1980–1982 Thomas C. MacAvoy
1982–1984 Edward C. Joullian III
1984–1986 Sanford N. McDonnell
1986–1988 Charles M. Pigott
1988–1990 Harold S. Hook
1990–1992 Richard H. Leet
1992–1994 John Clendenin
1994–1996 Norman R. Augustine
1996–1998 John W. Creighton Jr.
1998–2000 Edward Whitacre
2000–2002 Milton H. Ward
2002–2004 Roy S. Roberts
2004–2006 John C. Cushman
2006–2008 Rick Cronk
2008–2010 John Gottschalk
2010–2012 Rex Tillerson
2012–2014 Wayne M. Perry
2014–2016 Robert Gates
2016–2018 Randall L. Stephenson
2018- 2020 Jim Turley
2020 - Daniel Gil "Dan" Ownby



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