National symbols of Kosovo

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National symbols of Kosovo are the symbols that are used in Kosovo to represent what is unique about the nation, reflecting different aspects of its cultural life and history.

Official symbols[edit]

Type Image Symbol
National flag
Flag of Kosovo.svg
Flag of Kosovo
The flag of Kosovo shows six white stars in an arc above a golden map of Kosovo on a blue field. The stars symbolise Kosovo's six major ethnic groups.
Coat of arms
Coat of arms of Kosovo.svg
Coat of arms of Kosovo
The coat of arms shows six white stars in an arc above a solid golden shape of Kosovo as seen on a standard projection map, placed on a rounded triangular shield with a blue field and a golden border. Its central figures, the stars and the shape, are also the content of the new blue flag of Kosovo, already adopted at the same time.
National anthem
Europe is the official anthem of Kosovo. It has no official lyrics, but unofficial lyrics have been written for it. It was adopted on 11 June 2008 and chosen because it contained no references to any specific ethnic group.

Unofficial symbols[edit]

Symbol Image Remarks
Newborn monument
The Newborn monument inaugurated for Kosovo's Independence on the 17/02/2008. Repainted painted with flags of the countries that have recognized Kosovo's independence.