Native Son (1951 film)

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Native Son
Directed by Pierre Chenal
Produced by Walter Gould
James Prades
Written by Richard Wright
Pierre Chenal
Starring Richard Wright
Gloria Madison
Willa Pearl Curtis
Jean Wallace
George Rigaud
Distributed by Argentina Sono Film
Release date
Running time
104 minutes (Argentina)
91 minutes (US)
Country Argentina
Language Spanish

Native Son (1951), also known as Sangre negra, is a black-and-white Argentine film directed by the French filmmaker Pierre Chenal.

The film is based on the novel Native Son by American author Richard Wright, who also starred in the film. Actor Canada Lee was originally scheduled to play the role but had difficulties with his visa while filming Cry, the Beloved Country (1951) in South Africa and had to decline the role.[1]


  • Richard Wright: Bigger Thomas
  • Willa Pearl Curtis: Mrs. Hannah Thomas
  • Gloria Madison: Bessie Mears
  • Lidia Alves: Vera Thomas
  • Leslie Straugh: Buddy Thomas
  • Nicholas Joy: Henry Dalton
  • Ruth Robert: Helen Dalton
  • Jean Wallace: Mary Dalton
  • Charles Cane: Detective Britten
  • George D. Green: Panama
  • George Rigaud: Farley, a reporter
  • Charles Simmonds: Ernie


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