Native trees in Toronto

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Trees on Toronto island

Native trees in Toronto are trees that are naturally growing in Toronto and not introduced by European settlers to the area.

Many of Toronto's native trees have been displaced by non-native plants and trees introduced by settlers from Europe and Asia from the 18th century to the present.

The type of trees growing across the city varies based on the soil condition in the area. Tree cover in the city prior to European settlement started from the shore line back. Settlement resulted in trees being cut for use in building homes and ships and for heating by early residents. The current tree cover (or canopy) in Toronto is estimated to be between 26.6 to 28%[1] and many trees are not native to the city. Most of the native trees are found along the waterways in the city and in city owned parks.

List of parks with native tree growth:

The city's Urban Forestry Services plants these trees on city property and encouraging others in the city to do the same.[2]

A partial list of native trees in Toronto:

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