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Directed by K. S. Ravikumar
Produced by A. M. Rathnam
Written by K. S. Ravikumar
Jyothi Krishna
Starring Sarath Kumar
Music by Deva
Cinematography Ashok Rajan
Edited by K. Thanikachalam
Sri Surya Movies
Distributed by Sri Surya Movies
Release date
  • 25 June 1998 (1998-06-25)
Country India
Language Tamil

Natpukaaga (Tamil: நட்புக்காக English: For Friendship) is a 1998 Tamil language film directed by K. S. Ravikumar. It starred Sarath Kumar and Simran in the lead roles. It became a blockbuster upon release.

It was remade into Telugu as Sneham Kosam which starred Chiranjeevi with K. S. Ravikumar directing the version. Later remade in Kannada as Diggajaru (2000).


Chinnayya (Sarath Kumar) works for a rich man Vijayakumar in a village. Despite being a labour, Chinnayya has great respect and affection towards Vijayakumar. Vijayakumar too takes care of Chinnayya with great affection and looks after him as his own son. Vijayakumar hates his first daughter Sitara and her husband Mansoor Ali Khan. Prabhavathy (Simran) is Vijayakumar’s younger daughter and she arrives to the village after completing her education from the US. Prabhavathy loves Chinnayya but Chinnayya does not reciprocate thinking this would be a betrayal of Vijayakumar’s trust on him. Later Chinnayya too understands Prabhavathy’s true love and accepts it.

One day, suddenly Prabhavathy accuses that Chinnayya tried to rape her. This angers Vijayakumar and he beats and sends Chinnayya out of his home. At this time, Muthayya (also Sarath Kumar), Chinnayya’s father releases from jail and comes to meet Vijayakumar. Muthaya also worked under Vijayakumar before and has won Vijayakumar’s trust so much. But Prabhavathy gets angry on seeing Muthayya and asks him to leave the house because Muthayya has been sent to jail for murdering Vijayakumar’s wife Sujatha a few years back. Prabhavathy also reveals the truth that she staged a drama to send Chinnayya away from her father. Vijayakumar gets shocked knowing the truth and feels bad that he has misunderstood Chinnayya, believing his daughter’s false words.

Chinnayya also hates his father Muthayya from childhood days as he was accused of killing Sujatha. The story moves to a flashback. Muthayya was a loyal servant in Vijayakumar’s home. Mansoor Ali Khan is the brother of Sujatha and his wedding is arranged with Sitara. On the day of marriage, Sujatha gets to know about Mansoor Ali Khan’s plans to rob Vijayakumar's properties and decides to cancel the wedding. But Mansoor Ali Khan injures Sujatha badly and hides her in a room and the marriage is done. But Muthayya finds Sujatha and gets to know all the truth about Mansoor Ali Khan. Before he could go and stop the marriage, it is already done and so he does not want Mansoor Ali Khan to go to jail as that would impact Sitara’s life. Sujatha is dead and Muthayya accepts that he has murdered Sujatha for money and gets arrested by police. This makes Sitara and Prabhavathy to hate him and his family.

But Vijayakumar does not believe this and goes to jail to meet Muthaaya and asks the truth. Muthayya tells all the truth to Vijayakumar and gets a promise that Vijayakumar should not reveal this truth to anyone else as Sitara will be alone then. Vijayakumar agrees but sends Mansoor Ali Khan out of his home. Sitara also leaves his home without knowing the truth and understanding her father. The story comes to present and wedding is planned between Prabhavathy and Mansoor Ali Khan's brother Ranjith. On the day of marriage Vijayakumar tells this truth to everyone and Mansoor Ali Khan tries to kill Vijayakumar. But Muthayya comes in between and gets stabbed and dies. Mansoor Ali Khan gets killed by Ranjith after knowing the truth that his sister Sujatha is killed by none other than Mansoor Ali Khan. Meanwhile Vijayakumar cries in front of Muthayya’s dead body and he also dies along with him. The movie ends with Chinnayya and Prabhavathy getting married to each other.



The team had initially considered Soundarya and then Keerthi Reddy to play the leading female role, their unavailability led to Simran being cast.[1]


Year Film Language Cast Director
1998 Sneham Kosam Telugu Chiranjeevi, Meena K. S. Ravikumar
2000 Diggajaru Kannada Vishnu Vardhan, Ambareesh D. Rajendra Babu


There are 6 songs composed by Deva. Lyrics by Kavignar Kaalidhasan [2]


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