Natsir Cabinet

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Natsir Cabinet
Kabinet Natsir
Flag of Indonesia.svg
12th cabinet of Indonesia
Indonesian Government (Executive Branch)
National emblem of Indonesia Garuda Pancasila.svg
Date formed 7 September 1950 (1950-09-07)
Date dissolved 21 March 1951 (1951-03-21)
3 April 1952 (1952-04-03) (Caretaker Government)
People and organisations
Head of government Mohammed Natsir
Head of state Sukarno
Predecessor United States of Indonesia Cabinet (Federation Government)
Republic of Indonesia Halim Cabinet (State Government)
Successor Sukiman Cabinet

The Natsir Cabinet was the first cabinet of the Unitary Republic of Indonesia following the dissolution of the United States of Indonesia. It served from 7 September 1950 until 21 March 1951.


Cabinet leadership[edit]

Departmental ministers[edit]


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