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Natsumi Mukai (迎 夏生 Mukai Natsumi?) is the creator of the hit manga series +Anima as well as Fortune Quest L and did the story and art of Nui!.[1] She also created a short manga called "Wandal Wandering!".



+Anima is a manga series based around four children with the powers to change into a certain animal to defend themselves. The four children, Cooro, Nana, Husky, and Senri, travel around the country of Astaria looking for other +Anima and a home. They encounter friends and enemies alike as they search for a place to call home.


Nui! is about a girl named Kaya who has just celebrated her sixteenth birthday; on that day, she discovers that her stuffed animal Purple is alive and has been secretly protecting Kaya all her life.


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