Nattvindens Gråt

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Nattvindens Gråt was a Finnish gothic doom metal band, mainly known for several of their members who have become famous in other bands: keyboardist Tuomas Holopainen and bassist Sami Vänskä both went on to Nightwish (for whom Holopainen is a co-founder and principle songwriter), whilst vocalist Tapio Wilska went on to join Finntroll. The title is in Swedish, meaning The Cry (or Weeping) of the Nightwind. The band was formed in 1994, and split up in 1997.


Last line up[edit]

Tapio WilskaVocals
Jussi KoponenGuitars
Sami VänskäBass guitar
Tero LeinonenDrums
Tuomas HolopainenKeyboards

Former Members[edit]

Pasi KankkunenVocals (1995, guest on A Bard's Tale)
Teemu KautonenGuitars, Vocals (1995, vocals on the demo, Dar Svanar Flyger)