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Natuashish is an Innu community in the Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador. The community is inhabited by the Mushuau Innu First Nation.

Natuashish (Little Sango Pond)[1] was established in 2002 as a planned community in the hopes of resolving the social problems that had plagued the prior community of Davis Inlet, 15 km away.[2] The population of Natuashish from 2006 Census is 706.

Initially, reports suggested that the Canadian government's plan of renewal and healing had been a failure. The community was still plagued with alcohol and drug abuse. The government was accused of creating a system overburdened with bureaucracy, and not adequately addressing the issue. The local tribal band was accused of corruption, as was shown in a 2005 CBC report in which it was shown that the leadership was trafficking drugs and other illicit substances to maintain power.[3]

The community's attempt to resolve its problem with alcoholism has led to a ban on the sale, purchase, and possession of alcohol within the community. The bylaw was originally passed in 2008 by a margin of only two votes.[4] The prohibition bylaw was upheld in a subsequent referendum held in the community in March 2010.[5]

The community is served by the Natuashish Airport.


Coordinates: 55°55′1.8″N 61°7′31″W / 55.917167°N 61.12528°W / 55.917167; -61.12528