Natural Babe Killers

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Natural Babe Killers
Compilation album by Babes in Toyland
Released 1994
Genre Punk rock, grunge
Label Recall Records
Babes in Toyland chronology
Natural Babe Killers

Natural Babe Killers is a compilation album recorded by Babes in Toyland. The album consists of alternate versions of previously released tracks, as well various previously unreleased material. It was released by Recall Records.

Track Listing (Disc One)[edit]

  1. "Bruise Violet"
  2. "Won't Tell"
  3. "Jungle Train"
  4. "We Are Family"
  5. "Big Top"
  6. "Magick Flute"
  7. "Memory"
  8. "Dogg"
  9. "Fork Down Throat"

Track Listing (Disc Two)[edit]

  1. "Mad Pilot"
  2. "Ripe"
  3. "Ya Know That Guy"
  4. "Spun"
  5. "Primus"
  6. "Sweet '69"
  7. "Hubble Bubble Toil and Trouble"
  8. "Fair Is Foul and Foul Is Fair"
  9. "Fleshcrawl"