Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch

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Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch
Grazing at the Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch (3893425144).jpg
Date openedJune 1, 1984
LocationSan Antonio, Texas
Coordinates29°41′39″N 98°20′08″W / 29.69421°N 98.33567°W / 29.69421; -98.33567Coordinates: 29°41′39″N 98°20′08″W / 29.69421°N 98.33567°W / 29.69421; -98.33567,
Land area400 acres (160 ha)[1]
No. of animals500[1]
No. of species40+[1]

Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch is an "African Safari, Texas-Style." The ranch is a Texas Land Heritage Property, certified by the State of Texas for being used for agriculture by the same family for over 100 years. It comprises over 400 acres of Texas Hill Country publicly accessible by automobile.[2]

It is not affiliated with the Natural Bridge Caverns.


Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch provides habitat for more than 500 animals representing more than 40 species from every continent except Antarctica. Animals at the ranch include addax, African crowned crane, African spurred tortoise, American bison, aoudad, Arabian oryx, axis deer, Bactrian camel, barasingha, bar-headed goose, blackbuck, dama gazelle, Burchell's zebra, common eland, emu, fallow deer, gemsbok, Grant's gazelle, impala, greater kudu, bongo, llama, longhorn cattle, Nile lechwe, nilgai, ostrich, red lechwe, red kangaroo, reticulated giraffe, greater rhea, Indian peafowl, black-and-white ruffed lemur, ring-tailed lemur, sable antelope, scimitar oryx, serval, Sicilian donkey, southern cassowary, southern ground hornbill, springbok, De Brazza's monkey, lar gibbon, Patagonian cavy, waterbuck, watusi, white rhinoceros, blue wildebeest and zebu.

The animals accessible by automobile are free to roam. The ranch's walk-about area has several species of primates, a petting barnyard, a lemur island surrounded by a koi pond, giraffes, as well as a restaurant and gift shop.


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