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Natural Gas were an English rock band featuring Peter Wood, Joey Molland, Mark Clarke and Jerry Shirley. They released one album, Natural Gas, produced by Felix Pappalardi, in 1976.



  • "Right Time" (Clarke) b/w "Dark Cloud" (Molland) (Private Stock PS45100)
  • "Right Time" (Clarke) b/w "Miracle Mile" (Clarke) (Private Stock PVT 71)
  • "Once Again (A Love Song)" (Molland) b/w "Once Again (A Love Song)" (Molland) (Private Stock PS46116)


  • Natural Gas (Private Stock PS 2011)

(Joey Molland: guitar, vocals, Mark Clarke: bass, vocals, Peter Wood: keyboards, Jerry Shirley: drums)

"Little Darlin'" (Molland, Molland)

"Once Again (A Love Song)" (Molland)

"You Can Do It" (Clarke, Wood)

"I've Been Waitin'" (Molland)

"I Believe It's Love" (Molland, Shirley)

"Right Time" (Clarke)

"Christmas Song" (Molland)

"Miracle Mile" (Clarke)

"Dark Cloud" (Molland)

"St. Louis Blues" (Clarke) [1]


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