Natural gas in Canada

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Canada natural gas production
Proved natural gas reserves in Canada

At 18.3 billion cubic feet (520,000,000 m3) per day in 2011, Canada was the fourth-largest producer of natural gas in the world.[1] Its proven reserves were 58.2 trillion cubic feet (1,650 km3) at the close of 2006. A large portion of Canada's gas is exported to the United States; in 2006, 9.9 billion cubic feet (280,000,000 m3) per day.[2]

Domestic use[edit]

In 2016, electricity generated by natural gas is 8.5% of the nations total. Natural gas supplies 50% of space heating and 65% of water heating in homes, 80% of businesses use natural gas for space and water heating.[3] The industrial sector uses natural gas as a source of process heat, as a fuel for the generation of steam and as a feedstock in the production of petrochemicals and fertilizers.[4]

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