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Nature's Cure
Privately held company
Industry Health & Beauty
Founded 1994
Headquarters Oakland, California
Key people
Amy Baker, CEO

Nature's Cure is an American health and beauty products company founded in 1994 by Amy Baker, who learned about homeopathic treatments while living in Germany.[1][2] Their first products were the two-part acne systems, which became available in 1995. Since then, their catalog of products has expanded to offer a greater variety of health and beauty products and treatments.[3] Their products use natural ingredients in conjunction with over-the-counter medications and are not tested on animals.

In 2001, the company made the Inc. 500 list[4] and the San Francisco Business Times' "Top 150 fastest-growing privately held companies in the San Francisco Bay Area."[5]

Acne products[edit]

Nature’s Cure’s 2-Part acne preparations consist of homeopathic tablets and a facial cream.[6] The externally applied Benzoyl Peroxide vanishing cream kills the bacteria that causes acne[7] and also contains aloe and allantoin to prevent the skin from over-drying.[8] Nature’s Cure has specific formulations of the 2-Part Acne Treatments that are targeted to both males and females.[9]
Nature’s Cure's other acne products include Body Acne Treatment Spray, the Anti-Acne Papaya Skin-Care System, and the Anti-Acne Face & Body Shower Kit.[10][11][12]

Feminine Care[edit]

Nature's Cure has a line of over-the-counter feminine care products for yeast infections (candidiasis) including 1-Day and 3-Day yeast infection treatment packs, which each come with vaginal anti-fungal treatment (containing tioconazole or miconazole nitrate, respectively) and homeopathic tablets, as well as yeast control capsules.[13] Like the 2-Part Acne Treatments, Nature’s Cure yeast infection products rely on the Law of Similars, one of the main principles of homeopathy.[14]


Nature’s Cure sponsors and produces a podcast on teen health issues titled: "STR8 Up – Health Talk for Teens."[15] Hosted by Robin Miller, MD,[16] the podcasts have covered topics such as depression, body piercing, second hand smoke, mono (mononucleosis), stress, and obesity.

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