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Nature Care College is a private college in St Leonards, New South Wales specialising in natural therapies. Established in 1973 at O'Brian Street Bondi by founders, Catherine McEwan and Allan Hudson as a college to teach Remedial Massage. Its first class consisted of 8 students and was held in one room where theory and practical classes took place. The name Nature Care was considered due to the name Medicare used for our orthodox medical system. Nature Care seemed like the right name so Nature Care College was born.

Remedial Massage was the College's foundation course. Naturopathy, homoeopathy, herbal medicine and other body work therapies were added as the college became more established. While these disciplines are still the mainstay of natural therapies, the syllabus has diversified over the years and the College now offers over 80 lifestyle and accredited courses from astrology, energetic healing[1] and rebirthing[2] to yoga teacher training.

Educational and student facilities have also expanded to include four campus buildings, a training clinic, library, cafe and a yoga and movement studio.