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The logo from 1975

The Nature Conservancy Council (NCC) was a United Kingdom government agency responsible for designating and managing National Nature Reserves and other nature conservation areas in Great Britain between 1973 and 1991 (it did not cover Northern Ireland).


The NCC was established by the Nature Conservancy Council Act 1973 and replaced the Nature Conservancy, established by Royal Charter in 1949. NCC's duties included:


The organisation was divided into the three countries, each of which was divided in turn into regions covering several counties. Specialist groups dealt with nationwide issues, such as geology, cartography, grasslands, woodlands, birds, other taxonomic groups etc. There was a national headquarters, at first in Belgrave Square in London, but later in Peterborough.

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In 1991, following the passage of the Environmental Protection Act 1990 and the Natural Heritage (Scotland) Act 1991, the Nature Conservancy Council was divided into three:

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